Obssessed, Addicted, and Relaxed


Ah, I am beginning this blog in efforts to minimize the high traffic on my laptop keyboard. I have been trying to keep up with 3 different blogs, which is quite exhausting mentally lately. If I’m not on my laptop keyboard, I’m on my digital piano’s keyboard–my fingers are never lacking exercise, that’s for sure. 🙂

I have a new obssession: Picasa. My brother Josh manages my church youth group’s website, but he’s been getting about 2 hours a night of sleep due to the birth of his second daughter, Madison. I was looking for a better way to organize and upload pics to the webpage so that he did not have to do any work at all on that. Ah, Google, how much do I enjoy your searches. And your email. And now your picture organization and hosting. 🙂 So all of you, check out www.ignition314.com for our new media page setup. All of this is still under construction, but as soon as our new name decisions are made, I think you will be more than happy with the new layout. Josh has worked really hard on all of it….don’t know what I’d do without my brother (s).

Well, after an awesome beach vacation and some fun tubing with the young adults, I’m ready to get some more music done. I’m praying I can work it out to save up for a new portable keyboard. I really need something with more voice capabilities…and that has it’s own speaker. I haven’t done much searching yet, but I’m hoping by the beginning of next year I’ll be able to afford one. Because of some awful choices I made in the past, I’m doing some major catch-up financially. It’s never a fun topic.

However, I am encouraged that so far I’ve been blessed at every gig to be paid…and Joe and I have been cooking up some really fun ideas to sell cupcakes at our gigs. If you have any ideas for a great cupcake idea, feel free to let me know! We have maybe 15 different options right now. Not sure yet how it’ll turn out, but hopefully people will enjoy them! I think Joe’s suggestion for business name was “Edible Designs”. Sounds good to me!

Oh well, enough for now. I need to get some music together for tonight’s Lock-In Service. Then tomorrow I meet with some ladies to rehearse for BLESS, a CWC Women’s Ministry worship event next Friday for which I am in charge of the music.


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