Beauty Booty Doody


Evidently, that’s what you get when you don’t hear someone correctly the first time: a hit song. And after the eventful prior evening, a hit song is the perfect garnish. Youth lock-ins are full of unusual games, endless caffeine, dark hall spookage, and crazyhyperschizo youth. At least, those are the typical ingredients of our youth’s lock-in. I left at 3 am…deeply in need of sleep.

I think the highlight of the event for me would have to be the spy games Jessica, Garrett and I played during a rousing game of hide and seek in the dark. No one could find Hannah or Mark (the youth pastor), so I sent Garrett out into the hall before they all hid during one of the last rounds. So when Jessica and I left to go seek, we caught up with him and he showed us where…deep underneath the baptistry….through a low-lying crawl space. Garrett did not crawl all the way through, but began to sing songs such as “I’m a little teapot” and something about “where are the cookies??” No luck in getting a peep out of those two, though. And no luck in getting anyone to crawl all the way under there to retrieve them.

Then Joe and Breanne came up with some awesome idea for Breanne to dress up in a black choir robe and in the middle of the dark hall amongst all the seekers she began to twist around like the girl from The Ring…….causing screaming and running middle schoolers. It was hilarious.

So now, I’m sitting with a large group watching old episodes of friends as about 4 of us type away on our laptops. That’s about all the energy we have at this point.

So musicially, I’m getting stoked. I had a practice today for a ladies’ worship service I’m leading this Friday night, and it went so well. I got together a beautiful blend of voices….really hoping the ladies find it refreshing. More and more, I am loving the responsibility to organize and lead worship services. I really wish I had more time so I could learn to play guitar. Jordan, my youngest brother, is letting me borrow his old acoustic. So maybe I’ll take some time soon 🙂

Alright, enough for now.

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