Sweet Dreams


So last night we started a cupcake fundraiser for our youth group at church. I baked some white chocolate rasberry cupcakes, which everyone seemed to really love. How exciting! I’m not sure what flavor we’ll do next week. I need to get some people to help me make and sell them so I’m not running around like a maniac like I was yesterday. 🙂 But it was worth it. I think we made 12 bucks? Which for 23 cupcakes, isn’t bad. Any ideas on special flavors we should use????

Also, Joe informed me that his name is already copyrighted with some other company, so the company needs a new name. Any ideas? I’m sort of burnt out from coming up with names, so if anyone has something….share! If you win, you get a free cupcake. Oh, and after the abundant requests for milk, I will be selling cups of 2%milk as well. I think maybe we’ll make a deal of 75 cents for a cupcake and milk or 50 cents each sold separately.

Last night as I was attempting to unlock the door of my house, my key was not working. I got frustrated and looked up and the butterfly you see is what I saw crawling up the wall. I stood there a minute in awe. This is same butterfly I’ve seen randomly everywhere I’ve gone lately for the last week or so. Well, maybe it’s not the same one, but it looks the exact same. Size and everything.

Mark’s message really hit me today pretty hard. He made a comment about how nothing should be more important than your relationship with God, even your ministry. Oh, how easy it is for us busy leaders to get so involved with the outcome and the present details to push away our need for time with God. Yeah, He is with us along the way through it all, but it is SO SO important to stop and breathe and listen. If we don’t, we get burnt out and then wonder why we lose our tempers or don’t handle situations well.

For example, this morning. I didn’t get up late. I left a tad early. I had the day fully planned. But it didn’t matter…I was already exhausted and deeply in need of more sleep. So when I pulled up behind the huge truck going 35 mph in a 55 zone, I got a bit annoyed. He finally turned off of this long stretch of two-way road. As soon as that happened, I was slowed to 15 mph due to two huge tractors. At this point, I’m really frustrated and asking God to calm me down. I’m in danger of being late for work, and this is one of my huge annoyances. I do not like to be late for work…ever.

7 minutes later, I’m still behind them b/c I haven’t found an opportunity to pass them. Oh, I’m mad now. I get my chance and I pass in a fury. I turn off onto my next road only to find bicyclers. UGH!!!! I pass them even though cars are coming my way…..probably not the wisest of moves, but I don’t care at this point. I’m thinking if I speed I can make it on time. THEN I get stopped at a light. This light never stays red for long. Until today. I sat there 5 minutes. 5 MINUTES!!! I’m definitely going to be late now…and I still have 10 more miles to go.

Yes, I continued to get behind more and more slow trucks, tractors, people, cars, etc….and began to pray for forgiveness. And prepared to be scolded by my boss. I felt awful. When I have a responsibility, I hate to fail it. It seemed it was unavoidable this morning, though.

Here’s what really brought me to my knees. I walked in the door and apologized genuinely, humbly….and my boss said “Oh, you are hardly late. Don’t even worry about it.”

*Gasp* Once again, my expectations for myself got me so preoccupied that instead of considering how gracious I know my boss is…I got angry and pounded on the wheel of my car, screaming at people who couldn’t help their speed.

All this because I was tired. I wasn’t thinking clearly. B/c I have not taken care of one of the most primary needs: resting in the presence of God.

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