Amending, Exhilerating


So some new stuff! I purchased a really fantastic bed covering at Urban Outfitters over the weekend, which provoked me to do some painting to make my room a little more “me.” Now if only I can convince my grandparents to change the curtains. 🙂

I also got a haircut today. It’s really emo. I don’t know if I like it or not, but it’s just hair and it’ll grow out.

Something really really exciting is hearing the youth at our youth group encouraged and motivated to do great things for God. It makes all this work and effort through the last year so worth it to even hear just one teen speak of God’s movement in his/her life. I pray for them all daily…I know that each of them have something special God has placed in them to do mighty things.

Tonight I got to hold my neices for a while. My two year and two month’s old neices. Oh how I love them. Taylor, the two year old, went to bed and not even 15 minutes later had moved all of her bedding (stuffed animals and all) to the ground under her sisters bed. My brother came in to check on her and her head was peeping from under the crib, all ready to konk out. I really enjoy my evenings over there with them. I always get good coffee time and plenty of love hugs from my blonde-headed babies.

So through all of these changes, God continues to be faithful and the stronghold of the world.

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