Loving It MORE!


Today has been accomplishing! Went back into the studio and recorded using a new keyboard and am very happy with both songs so far! Now I just need to record the vox well….gotta get a pop filter 🙂 Some exciting news!!!! My friend John is gonna let me borrow his sweet keyboard for a while, which is the hugest blessing!!! I don’t think he realizes how much I’ve been praying about this. It’s not in my budget to get a new one, so it just comes at the most perfect time. I need one for live gigs..and it’ll do the trick!

Tonight I’m going out with the “gang” to eat and putt-putt. Why is it SO HARD to come to an agreeance on where to eat? Is it b/c we have too many choices? Everytime we do this, we cannot seem to easily agree. UMMM. *sigh* oh well.

I made yummy cupcakes today! Chocolate peppermint! It’s fantastik..and I’m hoping enough people like them to buy them on Wednesday.

Okay! That’s all for now. Time to decide on food!!!!


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