Someone called me that yesterday. Made me smile. You know what’s really sweet, though? Phil Wickham’s new CD Cannons. Oh, the beauty of it all. It came out today, and I am stoked.

Ah, and I continue to press onward with my CD Demo project. It is SOOOOOO close. Mastering it all has been the most trying part of it all. My laptop, which I am grateful for, needs more RAM. It’s SO slow to mix down these songs. But God continues to be gracious. My brother has been so helpful too. I’m so grateful for him. Ever since I moved back to NC, he and Brittany have been so awesome, letting me hang out with my neices and drink coffee at their house. I am so amazingly blessed by everyone in my life, honestly.

My family as been harping on me to read a book, though. I used to read ALL the TIME. LIke, I’d read at least 1 book a week. But I think living in VA, I overbooked myself, so now I look at one and think “ugh.” HOwever, I should get back into it. Any suggestions on what book I should pick up?

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