An addition to my blog from last night


I just wanted to add a post-note after reading my prior blog. I pray all you who read this do not think I was saying it is not good to go on vacation or “to the mountains” to retreat or take some time out with God. That was not my intention…it was just a victory for me to learn how to make time with Him a priority even while I’m busy at work. I still fight it…some days are so, so crazy that all I can think about it crashing on my bed at home. Everytime I allow converse with God and trust Him with my heart, the peace that follows just makes the rest seem simple.

Okay, enough of all that! I am praying for rain today….NC, where I live, is going through a drought. We were asked this morning on the news not to request water to drink at restaurants. It’s that bad! Oh, for autumn and some moisture to break through this icky dry heat.


One thought on “An addition to my blog from last night

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