Experiment with Oil and the Priestess


It’s mid-morning and time for a blog! My weekend was packed with screams. From ice-block smashing to haunted houses to my car screaming from too much oil…eventful doesn’t begin to describe it. Here are the lessons from the screams.
Lesson 1: Live a moral, purposeful life or a vengeful engineer may choose to set you up in scary contraptions which will probably take your life.
Lesson 2: Always, ALWAYS check your oil levels after you get your oil changed. We place our trust in these people that turn gears in our cars, but they are human too. Sometimes they forget they already added the oil. And then your car drives up a mountain and begins to beg for mercy “I need help! Too much oil!!!”
Lesson 3: It’s hard to have fun at a haunted house b/c of all the TRUE scary people out there. They have prevented the actors from being able to do anything to really make our skin crawl. It’s a sad world. Ok, so that is not reall a lesson, but a statement. No screaming took place at our haunted house on Saturday. If But a dead priestess did flirt with my date. She was about to die a second death. No wonder they are not allowed to touch us unless we touch them. One finger on my date and curly locks priestess would be eating dirt. LOL.
As this week begins it’s time for me to experiment with some other scary things. Like trusting God that He will provide moolah as I prepare to move out of my present dwelling. I think i can, i think i can!!!!
Until later!

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