Just got done watching this week’s Grey’s Anatomy. Love it. I do. It riddles me with laughter and chokes me to tears. It’s amazing. Sometimes it even infuriates me. Good stuff.

What would your anatomy be composed with? I was thinking about my life as a Grey’s Anatomy, and had to laugh. There are definitely some interesting twists in the story, some intense moments as well as pretty humorous ones. My story is definitely not lacking in hardcore passion. Don’t gasp, I don’t mean it in a naughty way. This morning I had a conversation with someone which led me to think of the hardcoreness of it all.

So every moment hasn’t been motivational or flaming with purpose. But one current remains constant. Even if i’m passionate about not knowing what I want to do, I’m passionate all the same. Or passionate about giving up. Oh, that was not a fun or heathly passion moment. Ah, well.

Rewind to my conversation this morning. Fantastic. Have you ever had an enlightening moment where you speak with someone and every space in your soul and past becomes extremely visible and understandable? Had one of those in that conversation. It was fantastic! It made me think that we probably don’t often try to be as elusive as we end up seeming. We are just honestly misunderstood…mostly by ourselves.

Which is what I think causes hesitations in us to move forward and beyond and above.

But when you find that “thing” that you will die for, that you will commit your life toward improving and learning and fighting for….

be cautious! It could kill you. Or it could revive you. Guess it depends on the “thing”.

I do know that I am passionately obsessed with living for God. That is definitely reviving my heart even this minute!


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