Waking up with a Gasp


Nightmares. Ugh. I had one last night, and it was just awful. I must say, whoever wove that dream was creative, though. You would have thought I was in some kind of fairy tale the way it all went down.

It was too scary to share, though. It was downright mean. I don’t understand it, and honestly I don’t think I want to understand. Yeah, it was that bad. And the sad part was I think I was supposed to see the rest. Maybe it would have turned around in my favor! Maybe all the mean people would have come to their senses. Maybe I could have some resolution.

BUT NO! I woke up in the middle of one of the worst parts, destined to never know….

I wonder about God’s place with dreams. I know some of mine have been given to me from Him with purpose. Like preparation. Like for understanding.

But this??? Ugh, it just makes me wanna throw up. Into the pit of leaving me hanging off a cliff I dive. Seriously, who comes up with these things?

Here’s the basics, though. Don’t know where I was, but there was something about a letter on a door that someone was supposed to receive from someone else I knew. And I went to the door and there was one with MY name on it instead. The person who was supposed to get the letter walked up and said “it was never there.”

I was confused, but realized she knew she was supposed to recieve a letter. I said “i don’t understand; it was supposed to be for you.”

Then I saw many different “notes” from several different people to me and two other people in the letter. Some of the notes were poetry, some of them were clues to go find something. They were ALL cruel in nature. One of the clues led me to a building where a billboard had my name on it as well as a message.

Then I woke up.

Just kinda makes me wonder where these dreams come from.


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