Party hats and balloons and cake!

When Nana (my mom) told my neice Taylor that she brought her a surprise from Walt Disney World, that’s what Taylor expected: party hats, balloons and cake.

So funny how just the word “surprise” can make a child create in his/her mind such an elaborate scene. We have this dude speaking at our church revival services. He’s really good! Last night he spoke about living life with a child-like attitude…that God wants to be our Father, but many times we just don’t let Him.

Seems like we are always having to learn how to trust our Creator. There’s a couple areas of my life right now where I’m really struggling to wholeheartedly trust God with the details. I have such limited vision, but the vision I have just makes me nervous. All my life I make plans and envision how the outcome will take place. But it just never ends the way I hope it will. It’s frustrating, but at the same time I know that God hasn’t left me hopeless.

Yesterday was all smiles from beginning to end. From my neice Madison’s infectuous smile before service to the hangout hilarity in Pastor Mark’s office after church. My neice Madison was dedicated yesterday. She stared at Pastor Joey the whole time he talked.

My favorite part of the day was Joe and Morgan’s (some music students of mine) song session. They like to make up humorous peices every Sunday after Morgan’s voice lessons. But yesterday we had an addition!!!! Breanne, who joined on the flute. It was so great. Really. I haven’t laughed that hard in a while.

Then my mom and dad gave me a great early present: I get to go see Phil Wickham and DCB in concert next Tuesday in Raliegh! Oh, there will be party hats, balloons and cake. Even if it’s only in my head! What a great Daddy I have!


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