Ever After


Yes, folks. That’s right. It all went down tonight. The entire evening was a fantasy and festival. Jesse and I rode with Monty and Meredith to the concert. The company was great! Amy and Dave passed us on 40, so I called Amy and let her know she was going too fast. 🙂

When we found seats, Jesse spotted Dave and Amy at the very front. The Myriad went first. They were all sorts of fantastic.

Then there was Phil. I ran down to where Amy and DAve were standing as soon as he started singing. I could feel his breath as he sang, we were so close. Seriously, though, his passion for serving God is evident in his singing. I just kept closing my eyes, thinking about how faithful God is. He ended his set with the song I sang on Sunday: True Love.

Afterward his set, Jesse and Monty and I ran out to the hall. We looked around, when suddenly, Phil brushed right by me. I was fearful he would recognize me from the punk that my brother did with my silly youtube video. So I hid behind Jesse and Monty for a moment. But then Monty took my camera and did my own introduction to him. It was grand! Phil complimented my style, my scarf. And then asked me how I heard of him out here on the east coast. I did a shout out to my brother Jordan, who shared him with me. Thanks, Jordan!!!

Anyhow, as you can see, Monty took a grand pic of Phil with his arm around me, and then Monty asked him about his tuning. We sorta kicked ourselves afterwards, though. Meredith asked us why we didn’t let him know we sang his song Sunday. I don’t know if he’d think it was an honor or not, but it was still a great meeting.

I think the highlight I will save for personal sharing. David Crowder was amazing. I loved his megaphone microphone effects. What a night of praise!

Our ride home was delayed. There must have been some kind of chase…we had to follow a line of police cars going 5 mph for several miles. But we are all home safely! I’m so grateful for the chance to go! And thanks to Monty for making that meeting happen. I’m not so brave. Goodnight! I must get some rest before work.

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