Waiting for Holiday Fever


It’s all around me, so it seems….this rush of craziness to buy the newest device for a loved one or to plan some eggnogalicious parties. I am not a part of this yet. I’m sitting here with the kids I care for, thinking about how different the holidays seem than in my youth. It’s just not as exciting. Even though decorations and commercials pop up before Halloween has begun, the actual event seems like a dot on the year map for me.

And that is sad.

I’m hoping this year I can take some time and really inhale the season. I celebrate Christ’s birth with fervor….but one or two readings in a service or at my parent’s house doesn’t do our Saviour justice. You know, Thanksgiving has really been smudged over. And honestly, isn’t that why we celebrate Christ’s birth? Because we are thankful God sent him?

Well, those are my thoughts today. I don’t have major plans tonight, but I’m hoping I can get away a bit this weekend.


One thought on “Waiting for Holiday Fever

  1. Jordan

    Get some kids together and makes some balloons that say “HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!” and let them fly into the sky! This will make for a good Christ-mass tradition.

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