Oh me, it’s the wii


So I’m sitting here at Jessica’s house with the gang. Several are playing Wii golf, and I choose to sit here quietly typing this blog. There have been a lot of thoughts in my head lately…about the future and some changes I may have to make in my life. Marsha, my Bible study teacher, spent some time lifting me up to Jesus tonight.

Everytime I take one or two steps forward, it seems that the gravity attacks my feet to throw me back 10 steps.

God is bigger than all this. Something Marsha said really did challenge me, though. She said this time may be occuring b/c God is wanting me to say “I love you and trust you even if I never sing another note…..even if I never get married and have kids.” As much as I have been able to say that this last year, I find that recently I just get discouraged very easily when I think about it.

However, Marsha confirmed something I believe: God gave us these desires to be fulfilled. So I am just going to keep pushing through and forward and pray that God would bless what my hands create.

Unrelated: I had to get a new phone yesterday. It makes me happy b/c it is red and black. I love red and black. My room is red and black. It also plays music. This makes me even more happy. 🙂 RIght now I only have Phil Wickham, Emmy Rossum, Feist, and a wee bit of Lily Allen and The White Stripes on it.

I suppose it’s time for more wii-ing. Maybe I’ll actually give this thing a whirl. Literally.


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