Jingle Freeze!


I love my neices so much. Josh, my brother, tells me stories about how my neice Taylor likes to go to his computer and ask to hear “Annie” (Andi) sing. That makes me smile so much. But more than that, I love that she enjoys music in general so much. Whenever I come over, her favorite thing to do is to grab my hand and make me dance to music with her.

She is totally stoke about Christmas. She told my mom a couple days ago “it’s Jesus’s birthday and we will have cake and party hats and celebrate!” What a joy to hear a two year old exclaim in excitement about the gift of Jesus. Now THAT got me in the “seasonal spirit.” Thanks, Taylor, for reminding us of what it’s all about.

This is her Christmas video card. She can actually sing all of Jingle Bells, but this must have been an off day for her. It’s great anyhow, though. 🙂


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