Caffeinated and Sleeping


I am having a total out of body experience today. My body is still in my bed with the covers over it but the rest of me is here at work. Oh, wait…it’s the other way around. I wish I were under covers. I am SLEEPY! No amount of coffee is gonna help me today I think.

Today is good though. God is faithful. Yet again, He has shown me that He determines my steps as I have chosen this path. I will be working a lot the next two weeks. I work over Thursday night, Saturday and next Thursday night too. Whew! And then today my grandparents are dropping off two very important packages at the post office. Within those brown paper envelopes holds the first steps in this plan of mine to have music ministry that extends beyond my home church walls.

I pray that God just holds me through it. I find it more and more easy to become discouraged when things don’t turn out the way I had hoped. But I know in my heart that God has given me purpose. I don’t understand how to fulfill this desire in me fully, but I want so deeply to help the world see how awesome He is. That God wants to be known and trusted. That God loves us and hasn’t forgotten His promises or His plan for His creation. That we are not alone or without hope.

Pray for me, please….pray that I will keep my head clear of all discouragement and remain focused on His will for my life.

love, Andi


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