Ink Stains


You cannot see them, but there are ink stains all over my hands. So much time spent writing…and now it’s print time. The music, pictures and words are waiting for those lovely mechanical machines that twist out what will be my promotional press kit. Yay! Praise God, this part is done.

Tonight’s service gave me yet another “sign” that all this planning is not for naught. First of all, our Student Worship Project Band (I think they will call themselves O2) did a great job leading worship. They ran into some bumps in practice, but they got through it splendidly, and I didn’t even have to open my eyes. They became invisible. All I heard was praise. As a teacher, this was a great moment for me. I felt so proud of them all! They will continue to get better with more practice… 🙂

Mark’s message was great. He put it all so clearly: our foundation affects how we live and how we view life. I think the best line all night was this paraphrased, “Don’t take this the wrong way, but you cannot stand upon your parents, your friends or even the church. They will fail you. God will not, though. He needs to be your foundation.” The world….even the “Christian world” sends us so many different, often contradicting, messages. If those are the precepts we live by and for, then our view of those worlds will be greatly disappointing. And then when difficult things happen, we won’t know how to handle them.

Doubt is a common denominator in mankind. I wish we would acknowledge it more. Then maybe some of these idolistic labels would fall away. Then maybe we would ask for help more often. Then maybe we would reach out for God instead of the grown-up pacifiers. I don’t know if we as a church will ever get it together in this life. But I do know that God is worthy….trusting Him may not be easy, but His promise is sure. He loves us. He saves us. As Mark said tonight, we have to stand on His grace…we are void without it.

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