In Wait


For the last couple of days, a song plays on “repeat” in my car. At first I thought it was just so pretty…and tonight as I drove home from work, the lyrics really struck a chord deep within.

Years ago, before I ever attempted writing music, I would have this urge boil up inside me to put my feelings to song. One day, on my face before God in a moment of pure offering, I asked God to give me a song. Within 15 minutes it came upon me and took hold of my heart.

I find myself on my face again. I have this urge to share who God is and what He has done…but I hestitate out of fear. I question my ability. And then I remember that God uses the willing. So I wait for His direction:

“I will wait for You there

Down on my knees where I met You

Give You all of my cares

Find a grace to hold onto now

I calling for You

I will wait for You there

Far from the world and it’s violence

it left me broken and bare

I need to hear You in the silence now

I’m calling for You

and with outstreched arms

I will sing out melodies

and my beating heart

will pour out a symphony

Hallelujahs in the morning

Hallelujahs in the night

I will wait for you as long as I have life”

-Phil Wickham

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