Birthday Plans


So normally I don’t do anything on my birthday. It’s the 15th, and you know what tends to happen during that time before Christmas? Parties! Unfortunately, makes for hard b-day bash planning. But this year I’m somewhat hopeful that I can actually pull together something fun. I’m going to be researching some neat coffee/deserteries for something to head out to that evening. If you all know of any place with great atmostphere and some sweet stuff for celebration, please share.

Today is a crazy busy day…actually all of this week has me pulling out my hair. It’s all good stuff, though. I’ll be working over on Thursday and Friday night and then there’s the Christmas Dinner Theater this weekend. I guess the holiday season is in full swing already…and it’s only the first week of December!

Oh well, I just got done researching for places, and so far I have found nothing. Seems like too many neat shops close at 6 PM, so that doesn’t work for an evening outting. My grandmother shared with me about one that is not too far from my house. I’ll have to check it out soon.


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