A Bit of Free Time


Bennett is sick. His dad just came to pick him up a bit ago and take him to the doctor. I think he may have an ear infection again. If I touch his ears even lightly, he crunches up in a ball and whimpers. He may have to get tubes soon, I think.My friend Joe just began a new website! http://www.josephtatum.com/ , which is really fun. It’ll link you to all of his interests and his blog. (still waiting for that update, Joe!) He has a really neat plan for a 5 city photography tour. I hope it works out; I’m hoping I can join for the ride. I always enjoy watching artists, whether visual or musical, work.

My sister-in-law and I are heading out to Panera tomorrow morning for breakfast. I’m so excited! Her girls are so great! I love my neices….but sometimes moms just need to get out. No, I’m not a mom, I know, but as a nanny I run a close second. I’m hoping she and I can take a break from the kiddies and just have some girl chill time with a nice cup of coffee and a cinnamon crunch bagel.

Anyhow, that’s all for now. Still trying to find a neat spot for the 15th.


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