Frightened and Festive




Today has been over-eventful.  In more ways than I could possibly share!   Technically, I speak of yesterday as it is 2:30 am.  I can’t sleep!

So the day started out awesome.  Breakfast at Panera with my sister-in-law Brittany and my neice Madison.  We talked and talked and ate souffles and drank coffee and it was refreshing.   We’ll have to do that again. 🙂

Then sushi with Joe and Andrew.   Joe wanted to try sushi….he will be sharing more info on this at his blog site: so check it out for the details.  There will be video there soon, too, so make sure you watch the hilarity.  

Then Dinner Theater.   I won’t go into the details on here.  It was an experience.   Not bad, though.   Don’t mistake that.  My favorite part?  My dad and mom dancing a jig to the music.   That rocked.  And Christy.   Christy made me laugh.  

On to the craziness.  Chelsea’s coffee spot always provides getaway and caffeine for those moments when you need to get out.  Joe and I headed there, when we were approached by a man desiring to use my phone.  I was on it, so avoided what I think was an attempt to steal it.  Then we met back up with the rest of the gang at Burke Street.  Well, at this point I was already a bit nervous about the attempt at stealing my phone.  Everyone was a bit hyper.  When we enter the parking lot, well, Joe and I overheard two guys walking by us say “last night there was a stabbing in the Burke Street alley again…” and we ran for the car.  It was at the moment that the night became a nightmare. 

Let me just say, Joe’s key was split in half.  One half was in hand, the other was inside the car door.  Everyone had followed us….so we get them up to speed and immediately call Joe’s bro to bring the spare key.   We wait.  And wait.  The car alarm goes off.  We try to disarm it, but it doesn’t stop….until everyone else is out of the car but me.  So then I am informed I must not touch anything so that the alarm does not go off again.  I cry.  I have never been so scared. I dont’ know what it was, b/c I have been in MUCH more dangerous situation.  I was surrounded by friends.  Thank you to Joe, Radford, and Garrett for standing guard ready to fight anyone coming near me at the car.  

Joe’s bro, Tater, finally comes.   I’m relieved, and we all think “YAY!  We can go home!”  Nope.  Car doesn’t start.   It’s in “auto-theft” mode, we find out after making a couple of calls to my uncle and Nathan Hardin, our go-to car man.  Needless to say, we thought we tried everything.  Nathan walked us through steps.  No go.   A police officer suggest towing the car…..

yeah, it was a lot more heated and frustrating than I’m making it out to be.  At least on my end.  I don’t know what was wrong with me.  But the gang circled up and prayed.  Travis came back to help us and Joe’s parents were on their way.   Finally, my cousin Jessica gets a call from her dad and he walks her through a process….a simple, 5 second process….that disarms the vehicle!!!   I SCREAMED out in excitement.  Literally.  For like I don’t know how long.  Joe was in shock I think (were you, Joe?  It seemed like you didn’t believe it worked at first.) Well, we’d been sitting there for a LONG time.  Was it two hours?  It felt like two hours. 

At any rate, praise God for my Uncle Todd.  Praise God for Nathan that helps out any way he can.  Praise God for Jessica’s cool head and sweet key removal skills.  Praise God for friends that care and don’t leave even when it’s scary or frustrating.  Praise God for my cousin Garrett who stood there with a tazer ready to attack anyone who threatened me.  Praise God for Joe and Radford who kept reassuring me we’d be okay.  Praise God for Tater and Travis who returned to help out.  Praise God for Christy and Hannah who kept the giggles and light spirit going.  And praise God that we were not there last night. 

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