dayquil.jpgWoke up this morning with that beast of a sneeze and can’t seem to breathe ever since.  But that’s okay cuz I have dayquil!   I’m waiting for it to kick in right now while Bennett has a little snack. 

Last night I camped out at my brother and sister-in-law’s house.  For the first part of the evening I got to watch Taylor “shake her booty” to Acapella’s version of “Joy to the World”.  Yes, I taught her a new phrase….and she immediately “shook it” and asked Maddie and I “Annie, Maddie, do you wanna shake your booty?”  Then Taylor gave me some performance of a play I am unfamiliar with. 

The rest of my evening was chatting online and finishing mixing down my songs to transfer to light scribe discs.  Josh’s new laptop is SWEET!  Of course, it was free, but it’s fun.  Still waiting on my CD to arrive…..

I’m sorta frustrated that I’m sick.  I need to plan music for tomorrow and I’m not really sure what kind of sound/instrumentalists situation I’ll have to work with.  Also, gotta sing a bit of a solo on Sunday…and it’s a one of those “high songs.”  Ah well.  It’ll work out.

Okay, that’s all for now.   My sneezes are becoming a fluid waterfall emerging from my nostrils (which is more annoying than even gross right now) so I must away.  


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