Does God really exist?


So have you ever doubted God?  Have you ever doubted that God exists or that He truly loves you?  Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered if you even exist for real? 

Some conversations with friends sparked my mind last night, and I’d love to have a discussion on here about it.  An open, honest discussion. 

Or at least your thoughts on it.  Let’s start there. 

One thought on “Does God really exist?

  1. Brittany

    I think that is a question everybody has one time or another thought about. I think a lot of people feel shame in questioning if God really exists or how in the world could God ever love me. It is human nature to doubt things and society(the world) is constantly challenging our beliefs. I think our generation and younger have an especially tough time, with the new wave of political correctness(PC). PC says that there is more than one right answer and so we shouldn’t push our view because we may offend someone else’s opinion. I have caught myself falling into the trap of PC before. For example, if I am riding in the car with someone that is not a Christian, I have said “I hope this music doesn’t offend you.” I shouldn’t have to apologize for believing in God.
    Do you believe in God because he exists and is Truth? Or do you think he exists because you think its true? It’s very subjective. Luckily God is much bigger than our faith. God exist whether our imperfect nature thinks so our not. I’m glad.
    Also, I think my doubt comes when my relationship with him is weak. When your not in the word and talking to God, we are so vulnerable to the devils lies. Without God giving us wisdom, there is not way we can fight the devils lies on our own. The “world’s message and beliefs” come from the devil since he has power on the Earth.
    So I think the real question becomes. Who are you going to worship and serve? God and his ways or the Devil and the world’s ways. It’s a scary thought that if we are not following God, then we are basically following the devil.
    For those that doubt, get in the word. It is alive, because God gave us the Holy Spirit to help us interpret the Bible. The bible is Truth. There are many passages in the bible about the word being true. I’ve been study in John and Titus lately and both talk about the Truth of God and His word.

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