Never-ending Birthday


christmas-2007-109.jpgSo it’s been YEARS since I’ve really done greatly fun stuff for my bday.  This weekend has been the best ever….and it seems the paryting doesn’t stop. 

Friday was actually Zeb’s surprise birthday party….I have pics posted under the birthday celebration folder in my picasa site (link to the right).   Then the next morning woke up EARLY to drive with cousins Jessica and Garrett with Brother and family in tow to Charlotte.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jordan and Tara’s house.  You’ll see pics of their house in my picasa site and also to the right on my flickr site.   It is so fun. 

Well, they gave me a “High School Musical” Party.   Thank God that they didn’t make me watch the movie.  I think Josh and I were the only ones there who hate High School Musical.   Probably think I should love it, don’t you?  Why, because I love musicals and love mentoring teens?   That does not equal “High School Musical” love.  Sorry, HSM fans.  Sorry Jordan and Tara.   However, I DID greatly enjoy my party.   Yay for Chicfila and Oreo Pie.

Then a group of us went to McAllister’s Deli in High Point.  We ate hot soup and sandwiches cuz it was COLD and RAINY.  Pretty icky out there.   PJ’s Coffee and Wine Bar was neat.  It had cozy chairs and quiet atmostphere, but it had to be cut off somewhat quickly due to Christian’s need for study.  (That’s right, Christian…you better get that A!) 🙂   I enjoyed it a lot, though.   These peeps rock, though.  Jessica organized a present for me-a gift certificate to a SPA!  Wow.  I’ve always wanted to go, but never really had the chance. So yay for the massage that I will get soon.   It will be much needed and much appreciated.  You guys who did this…..thank you-I love it more than you know!

So today is Sunday and we had a pretty need service this morning.   Pastor Dennis put together a neat group of musicians for a fun offeratory….I believe he arranged that version of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.  Mom had a few of my friends who didn’t get to go last night over to lunch today.  Oh, I’m still so full!  But Jessica and I are gonna head out to Olive Garden to top off my birthday weekend with italian flavor.  YUM!!!   Thanks to my awesome employers (Bennett and Parker) for that gift certificate.  

Okay, so I guess that is all for now.  Thanks for all who made this weekend great….I think I’m actually happy about 29 right now.  Definitely looking forward to the next year!


One thought on “Never-ending Birthday

  1. George Reich

    Glad you could come! I love the pictures of you and your CD! Congratulations! You have done such a phenomenal job putting it together! you’re A-MAZING!

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