A Day of Hallmark


I have deemed today “Hallmark Day”.   Today many teary-eyed Christmas movies play on the Hallmark channel, and I will probably watch most of them. 

The days surrounding Christmas have changed so much over the years.  Now I have two sister-in-laws and two neices….so my brothers have to split their time with their in-laws’ families.  We had our “Christmas Day” last night.  It just feels so weird.  I remember in years when I was little, my brothers and I couldn’t wait to go to grandma and grandpa’s house.   The rooms would always smell of ginger and bread.  Now I live with my grandparents and we drive over to my parents.  And my neices squeal in excitement about heading over to “nanna and poppa’s”.

One thing hasn’t changed:  my dad reads something to make us think about the true spirit of Christmas.  I joke “it’s time to cry”, because my father has such a compassionate heart and is moved to tears every year.   But seriously, my dad is awesome.   He always has our best interest in mind and desires for his family to know the truth.  

So today on Christmas Eve, I will probably go through clothing and “stuff” and sift through, throw some out, and prepare others for the thrift store.   Seems sort of anti-celebratory.   But it needs to be done, and I’ll have Hallmark to fill my room.  

Off I go!


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