Evan Almighty


w6uvca19txtacaesm1j3cai7mbqicaseoqc4cay72eltcap9dlkhca67ziy5cajc38u0ca7cbf3vcaycphodca4yy63ycafivjp0canfvr6jcabafh0pcabuuv3xcar1z7bncad0r0p7cavjhm8rcax2ej9b.jpgMy friends, Tater and Lauren and I headed out tonight to find somewhere open that sold food.   We ended up at Blockbuster and then grabbed some yummy Chinese food near the house. 

So the movie we watched was AWESOME!!!!   Very tempted to buy it.  Evan Almighty was just the right mix of hilarity, sarcasm, and truth.   I was happily surprised by how “Biblically sound” it was…and how well it encouraged faith in God.  I recommend this movie to all!  

This actually really made the day fantastic.  Yay for a good movie to cuddle up with aside some family and friends.

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