New Year


The next year is gonna be full of SO many new things!!!! 

So I am cleaning!   And it is AWESOME!  I am throwing things away, which feels, well, more than fantastic.  I am not one to really hold on to things too much.   Sometimes I do, but then I just get “ugh” about it and go crazy with shredding and filling trash bags.  So that’s my gig for the next couple of days to prepare myself for the new year.

 I’m also burning old candles.  Do any of you ever burn candles about halfway and then never finish burning them?  Do they sit and gather dust in your drawer or on your tables?   I am SO going to burning all these out and starting fresh.   Thoughts of moving out are in my head, so I’m planning all the decorating schemes for the new spaces.  I am thinking of going modern retro. 

Here is a pic of what I’d LOVE my room to look like:


And here is what I’d love the living room to look like:


So we’ll see how that all turns out.  I need to go change out the laundry and hit the cleaning again…. 🙂

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