I talked to my elementary school music teacher, Mr. Greg Ottaway, yesterday.  I probably have not seen that man in 16 years.  Weird to think about that, huh?  And he remembered me!   That really blows my mind.   He gave me my first solo in a choir I think….well, at least school choir.  I remember it was called “Worlds Apart” from some Tom Sawyer musical.  Anyhow, I was asking him yesterday about the process for lateral entry and how difficult it would be for me to do that sometime in the future.  He gave me some info and I actually just checked out the church where he leads the choir.  Pretty awesome!!! www.life-community.com

I’ve succeeded in cleaning out a bunch of my “stuff”.  Now I’m just finishing up the pages for my 13 song CD and I will be sending that off today so it will be available for purchase online.   Yay!!!!!   I will also be washing my car…it really needs a good sparkle and shine.  Today is accomplishment, which is sweet as tomorrow starts a new year!

My neices and I have hung out a bit recently, and I caught some pretty fun pics of them.  you can chec them out at my flickr site, but I absolutely love that one above.  It’s fun.

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