Did you know?


Did you know that a white lily means purity, virginity and majesty?  That a daisy means gentleness, innocence and loyal love? I did not.  I was informed yesterday that I was to have received both of those flowers on my birthday because of their meaning.  “Because roses were too typical.”  Seemed a bit ironic that this person would look at me and see those things, not to mention buy me something that represented those things for my birthday.  And then I stepped back from my tiny view.

“I have a hard time understanding God.  I have a hard time understanding why God allows some things to happen.  I have a really hard time understanding why God would give someone a gift and then he/she would struggle to use it.  Such as the gift of life. ”

I just got off the phone with my friend, Des.  I had said to her the above paragraph when it hit me.  Maybe I have a hard time understanding because of my view…because I experience all the little details and get caught up in them while God sees the whole picture including the end result.  When He sees us, He sees who were are with who we will be.  Imagine that!

Here I am in my small world concerned with the hows and the whos, the whens and the wheres, and God is here too with a degree of perception I could not even comprehend.  He keeps reminding me of His love, grace, and faithfulness while I sweat the small stuff.

I am humbled.  So imperfect am I, yet God chose to create me anyhow.  The impact of that kind of love and that kind of redemption is beyond words.  This morning I was in tears over my failure to God.  This morning I was torn because of my helpless, doubting mind.  Yet the very blood of His son made me pure and innocent.


Thank you, Abba, for my gift.


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