The Wesleyan Handshake


I had a VERY full day today.  I babysat my neices, and as you can see we had some “tato head” fun.  Then I headed over to the church for a bit of music practice and b-ball games.

The evening was truly the highlight, though.  The Wichtermans, the family I used to nanny for, came to town to visit.  The Steindals, Wichtermans, and I met at the Jennings for an awesome lasagna dinner.  Most of the adults (not including me) went to college together, so dinner was quite interesting.  I actually sat with the adults instead of the kids and got to participate in some very challenging conversation.  Bill and Dana Wichterman are two people I respect and miss so much!  They always teach me so much about God and theology and politics and how they all relate. 

Everyone seemed to have some input…we mostly discussed faith and that atheism requires more faith than Christianity.  That may seem confusing, but when Bill explained it, it all made sense.  He had a period of time in his past where he experienced deep doubt about God and whether or not He even created…anything.  At one time he even believed in evolution, until he researched it enough to say one day “how could I ever believe this?  It’s impossible.”  I won’t go into all the details of our conversation on here, but it was truly eye-opening.  Pastor Joey made a great point that the WILL is stronger than FAITH.  If we do not WILL to believe, then we won’t.  Bill kept pointing to the fact that many people who deny God’s existence and/or God’s authority are being dishonest with themselves merely to stand their ground because they WILL to NOT believe in order to self-serve. 

I know that was a load, but I sat in a room tonight with some of the most knowledgable, Spirit-led people in my life.  It was a great moment to be a part of that. 

Another great moment was Maribeth’s wisdom.  She always has a word of encouragement, usually in the form of some scripture.  Today I had been worrying about my future and mulling over which path I should invest time/money into.  As I shared with Maribeth, she mentioned Psalm 25:12:

“Who, then, is the man that fears the LORD ?
       He will instruct him in the way chosen for him.”

She told me the entire chapter is really applicable, but that was the verse she thought of to encourage me.  It was definitely a calming verse. 

The title of my blog may be confusing, but if you go to CWC tomorrow and watch Joel Steindal during the “right hand of fellowship”, you will know what it’s about.  If he remembers, that is….  🙂

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