The Beauty in Silence


andira-cover-for-myspace-and-promotion.jpg  It’s here!!!!!

After several years of contemplating life, expressing it through music, and attempting to make my Toshiba Satellite laptop a recording station, the CD is finally available for purchase.  Praise God!

  I could not have done this without Josh Reich and Joe Tatum!  Honestly, there are so many people that have been supportive and helpful.   (Shout out of thanks to Chris Breedlove for the final pictures!!!)  But when I think about the last couple years and who has walked through this project every step of the way, Josh and Joe win the draw hands down.  Thanks, guys.  I couldn’t fully express my thanks on such a small piece of space on the CD cover, so here it goes:

Josh, my brother, you were apart of the Reich clan that drove down to Florida and brought me back home.  Ever since then, you have been on some God-driven mission to help me feel loved and wanted and purposed.  You asked me to help you out with CWC’s youth band while I was yet in shock after my dark moments in Florida.  Whether or not you realize it, that changed my life.  You always made your home and your coffee pot open to my beckoning.  Your wife and daughters have loved me as their own as well.  You never let me feel unappreciated.  When you left the youth band’s responsibilities to me, I wasn’t sure how I would do it without you there, but you prepared me for it so well!  I know this is awful sounding maybe, but sometimes WWJD in band practice becomes “What would Josh do?”  LOL.  You put in hours of research, teaching, preparation, and prayer for me.  Thanks doesn’t seem to be enough.  Don’t worry….the free babysitting won’t stop anytime soon.

Joe!  Joe, I consider you my “honorary brother.”  You have put SO many hours and resources at my very feet.  You haven’t let me give up on pursuing this musical adventure, and I cannot thank you enough.  When I was confused about a technical issue or ready to scream, I could call you and you’d simply say “oh, I’ll take care of it.”  You never let the atmosphere get too serious and provided me with hours of hysterical laughter.  You always introduce me to new music and new ideas about music.  I think you helped me unlock the music in my head.  Before you, I limited myself so much to what sounded good and what was effective.   I’m still learning, but you have had more influence than you may know in my musical decisions.  Thank you for letting me be apart of your own endeavors and pursuits.  It’s definitely a fun ride.  And you definitely get tour manager!  Actually, you could just name your position and you have it.   How’s that for confidence in you?

I cannot end this blog without giving thanks to my Creator.  This morning I was reading a bit from Beth Moore’s book “Believing God.”  Something that stood out to me was this passage:

“A powerful motivation in believing God in our present is intentionally remembering how He’s worked in our past.” 

That is what this CD is about from me to God.  It is recognition of who He is in my life, what He has brought me through, and trusting Him with my future.  Believing in Him has never been much of a struggle for me.  However, “believing God” is my rock has been difficult.  Amidst many mistakes and some dark moments, God has remained a common denominator of grace and hope.  What I am getting ready to say is perhaps the most difficult thing I have ever said.  Thank you, Father, for creating me. 


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