The air I breathe


Last night was refreshing!  My brother, Josh, made an appearance playing guitar in our youth adult band.  “Youth adult” is confusing you, isn’t it? LOL.  Well, we have several bands that lead worship for the Wednesday night youth worship.  One is an all adult band.  One is an all youth band.  (Which is a new group that I’ve been sort of “teaching”.)  And then one is a mixed adult and youth band. 

So anyhow, the adults played last night.  I am very proud of all our youth and less experienced musicians that play, but I must say it is SOOOOOO much fun singing/playing with such seasoned musicians.  Josh said it best to me this morning: “i just ‘felt it’…i didn’t over-think what I was playing”.   When you can sense where it is all going and and pull back together and build together…it’s cool.  I was able to just close my eyes last night and focus on the words… and pray in my heart for all those worshipping with us that they would know Jesus too. 

Mark’s lesson was on accountability and how we need it to reach our goals (focusing mostly on overcoming habitual sin.)  I’m so thankful for the mentors and friends I am surrounded by at my church.  It is truly a blessing to have so many people care about the little things….a bad day, a sick stomach, an unexpected message.  Sometimes the road can be really difficult, but how awesome it is to have some that are willing and happy to walk it with you! 

 May God be praised for His provision!


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