My cup of tea



My sister-in-law Brittany woke me up this morning with some fun news.  She was listening to WBFJ (our local Christian music radio station) and heard they are starting to give local artists some airplay during certain hours of certain days.  My brother worked for them for a period of time after he graduated college and I am old friends with one of the radio voices, so I am hoping this might be helpful.  Pray for me, please.  I truly want to serve God with this music inside me, and as Josh says, “you can’t keep it to yourself, Andi.”  But I am constantly hit with insecurity attacks about whether I have enough talent, will, and the right message to share. 

At any rate, I’ll keep plugging away until the doors stop closing. So far some keep opening, even if only 1 or 2 here or there.  I wonder if God is just moving me around some tight corners to lead me to the main highway for some speed driving.   We’ll see!!!

My brother invited me to tea this morning after that call.  I’m not much of a tea person.  Chai and other black teas I like with cream and sugar….but then I might as well drink coffee (which is my preferred liguid.)  By the way, I am sitting in Panera by myself to kill some time before I head off to work tonight.  Yep, I have the kiddies tonight! 

I’ve decided I really like Panera.  Maybe not every week, but I do like it.  I like that I can get just the right size cup of soup and unlimited coffee for around 5 bucks with free WI-FI and not feel stressed to leave as soon as I have arrived.

This afternoon I shopped for some jeans.  I dislike this quest.  Greatly.  It seems that all the washes I like are in the wrong sizes and if one pair fits great in the leg, it then fits awful in the waist.  I recently bought a pair at Old Navy because I knew I needed another pair due to the holes in my favorite pair.  However, it was a hasty purchase.  You know those times when you think “ugh, I’ve looked everywhere and haven’t find anything that fits any better and these are really cheap……”?  That was the impetus behind that purchase.  Now I regret it b/c I realize I must have been bloated (sorry for the honesty) that day for these pants are way. too. big.   And I cannot find the receipt. 

So today!  I ran over to JCPenney, tried on about 10 pair….and find the perfect fit, perfect wash, perfect price.   Now, THAT’s what I call my cup of tea!


One thought on “My cup of tea

  1. George Reich

    Go for it! I know you’ve got talent. Keep plugging along! Don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot be what you want to be or do what you want to do. If you get a chance check out that track of Jonny Lang’s on his latest album that speaks to that. Josh would have it. Just tell him you want to listen to the “Anything is possible” song by Jonny Lang. I know you’ll love it! Love you sister! You’re amazing!

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