My uncle rocks


My computer has been through a lot.   I take it with me everywhere I go usually, and I have used it to record my newly released CD.  I fill it with music and pictures and writings, and it suffers understandably.

 But tonight my uncle gave it a nice spa treatment!  AND he may be hooking me up with an external hardrive.  (HOW SWWWWWeeeet!) 

I have watched almost 3 movies tonight.  The first one I absolutely loved.  I will buy it when it comes out on DVD.  The second one made me want to throw up over and over and over again.  The third is what I am watching now….and I’ve seen it so many times it’s a part of me.  LOL.  I love Moulin Rouge.  The first time I saw it I hated it with passion.  John and I went to see it, arrived late, sat on the front row, and made fun of it loudly the whole time. 

Then I watched it again and fell in love.  Between the hope in new beginnings, bursting into various pop songs and artsy eye candy, I can’t help but smile. 

But smashed in the middle of these two great works of cinematography was the worst movie.  I left before it finished.  “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry” or whatever it’s called.  What a twisted, belittling, and offensive movie.  At least, that is what I saw.  I know it was supposed to be funny and to be funny sometimes people make fun of people and blah blah blah, but it just makes me upset.  Every single time I see a movie like this I want to be sick but end up crying inside.  I just wonder if people can look past all the jest and allow the truth in their minds.  I don’t know.  I am sure many will disagree with me, but I just cannot personally handle movies like that.  I wonder if it makes God cry how we make fun of his creation.


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