The Day My Brother Fell Through the Roof


It’s raining outside.  The snow that I woke up to view is now becoming a mucky slush which totally could respresent my mind right now.  I’m a bit overwhelmed.

Overall, it’s because of good things.  My friend Monty has a band that recently defined a name for themselves:  Anazao.  I cannot remember what it means!  I know, it’s awful.  That’s how distracted I’ve been.  Usually those are the details I retain, but not this week.  Their practice was great fun Tuesday night….I am SO excited to do a concert with them on March 1st.  Oh, if you don’t know already, we are heading up to Livin Lattes Cafe in Pilot Mountain that Saturday to play some God-inspired originals as well as a few covers. 

Speaking of originals, that band and I along with a few other talented musicians practiced one of mine last night.   It went better than I could ever have imagined!  As soon as the brass entered, my heart stopped.  I’ve sung solo with enormous orchestras….I’ve been a voice in extremely talented choirs, and I’ve performed hours of solo recitals, but none of that compared to last night.  There was something magical in it, realizing that the musical peices melding together came from a special moment in my journey.  I was surrounded by great talent and great spirit, and they were joining with me to produce my song.  What an honor.

Oh, by the way, I’m at home.  I decided the roads were too icky to drive upon this morning.  I think I made a wise decision.  Unlike my awesome brother, Jordan, back in the day he decided to hang out on top of Royster Hall’s roof at GWU.  Oh yes, it ALL came crashing down.  Thanks for the lesson, Jordan.  Love you!

Okay, I’m off to check out my buddies’ new site:  Stop by and show ’em some love!

One thought on “The Day My Brother Fell Through the Roof

  1. George Reich

    Thanks for the constructively critical plug! I like it when other people learn from my mistakes. Super neato that you played with the band! I am planning on coming March 1st, so hopefully we’ll get to hear the awesomeness! Love you too!

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