Never Once Again



Ah!   I just got off the phone with my old roomie from Florida.  One time when I was living down there with her, she had me watch some movie that was supposed to be a parady of a documentary about a bluegrass band.  I suffered, yes, SUFFERED, through it.  Well yesterday Joe and I decided to rent this movie we’d heard was tremendous. 

 It was….worse than the bluegrass band documentary.  About 30% of the movie seemed to be recorded in the dark and about 60% of it was music.  5% were people speaking that you could barely understand due to their accents, and the remaining 5% was the main guy, who had no name, somewhat repeating back what the girl said so that you could at least understand some part of conversation. 

What did we get out of it?   Well, it’s not uncommon to pull vaccuum cleaners while walking around town, harmonizing with yourself randomly is not impossible, hanky panky is actually a serious word, and you can make a living carrying flowers on the street and selling them to random strangers. 

Then Joe randomly (word of the day is random) recieved a book titled “Pro-Evo”, which has to be some kind of hoax, for the author’s name was Tomotom Stiftung and every single sentence used the phrase “pro-evo” to make a point.  If it is not a hoax, then I do apologize my belittling the author’s work.  I, therefore, must not be “pro-evo” (as I learned that pro-evo should be the essence of my existence…or I must not truly exist.)   Something like that?….anyhow…..

Well, though we shall never see Once again nor read through the book that Joe promptly ripped to shreds, those two works provided us with some grand laughs for the day. 

And now I am pondering the snow that is supposed to impede my life over the next two days causing my song to be re-scheduled at church.  Ah, well.  Such is life.

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