Fo shizz.  I’m woozed out on tylenol sinus congestion caps and robitussin DM here at work today.  I honestly didn’t think it’d be this bad, but my eyes are red and watery, my nose is an unending leaky faucet, and my body hates me.  The kids are (praise God) being VERY understanding…and taking it easy with me today.   I think Bennett is confused by the kleenix I have hanging from my nose.  He tried to do it himself, but gave up.  I think he has decided I am wearing it as an accesory.

Over the weekend the boys and their parents made a huge castle from some cardboard. It looks pretty sweet!  Even has a drawbridge that Bennett manuveurs like a pro. 

 Okay, enough blogging for now….my thumb is going all carpel tunnel on me, so more tomorrow after all this gunk has drained from my body.

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