A moment to breathe


For the moment I feel as though I am not remotely sick.  It’s very strange.  I think the medicines and food have brought me to a point, shortly lived, that I can function clearly.  Therefore, I am blogging. 


Upon arriving home, my grandparents’ television was screaming about the news of Heath Ledger’s tragic death.  He was 28.  One year less than me.  My grandfather then proceeded to share with me the importance that I have life insurance.  Somehow I let it lapse after I moved here almost two years ago.  So that’s another thing I need to add to my “to do” list. 

I’m watching Stargate as I blog.  I love this movie.  My brothers got me hooked on it years ago.  Something about archeology and the unknown mixed with the possibility of finding an “other world” makes me happy.  It actually doesn’t seem too crazy to me.  I really do wonder what secrets are hiding in our earth and in the galaxies God created. 

I was joking with some friends from church Sunday night that I kept seeing ghosts all day.   I know, I know, this is gonna get uncomfortable for some of you.  There are definitely things happening around us that we don’t see.  Sometimes I wonder if it is because we don’t want to see it.  Or maybe God just knows it’s too much to take in at once.  Seriously, what would you do if an unknown “being” walked up to you?  I think a typical first instinct is fear.  Maybe run.  Maybe shock.   Good thing to know Who created it all and Who has the power.  Right?  🙂

 Enough of that.   I’ve got a movie to watch.  


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