The Line Between


I fall short of perfection daily.  Sometimes the gap is so huge you can hear echoes.  I’ve got so much on my mind today. 

Jordan, my youngest brother, wrote me a very interesting email this morning which has spurned even more to digest in my brain.  He was commenting on my last blog, joking “does Andira see dead people?”  Just so it’s clear, no I do not.  The viewing of ghosts in my last blog was pure jest.  However, we got into serious conversation about divisions in the church due to inflation of issues such as speaking in tongues, exorcisms, and miracles.  These, of course, are not the only issues that divide the body of Christ, but they are definitely some highly emotional issues. 

Which brings me to a point that Jordan made in his email that I think deserves some blog-time.  “Inflation of issues due to a person’s own agenda.”  Think about original sin for a moment.  Think about the garden and Adam and Eve.  Think about how Lucifer tempted Eve.   It was totally temptation to have that “all-knowing” thing that the Creator has.  Eating the fruit from that tree was totally saying to God, “I don’t trust you, I want to be you.  I want to be in control.  I want to have the knowledge because I want the power.” 

If I get right down to every sin I have ever committed, I can trace it down to my own selfish agenda.  

There is a lot we do not know.  I am one of those “knowledge seekers.”  Believe me, when something doesn’t make sense, I am one of those that has to read books and articles and ask people I deem wise for advice until my thirst is quenched.  Sometimes I get to a point where I give up when it is not.  If I don’t give up or give it to God, I become obsessed.  Ever done that?  Ever had something in your head that you couldn’t conquer and couldn’t completely understand but HAD to keep mulling over because it almost took over every compartment in your brain? 

I guess all this to say that we are not supposed to be “all-knowing.”  God created us with enough capacity to design, discover, survive, delegate, and make pivotal decisions.  We can never become Him.  No matter how good we are, no matter how smart, no matter how much we discover or research, we are UNABLE to become that kind of perfection. 

Why doesn’t God key us in to the things that seem to have no clear answer?  Why doesn’t God lay down a hard line somewhere on all these issues that we fight over?   I have a theory.  Sort of goes back to my last blog.  1.  Some of it is stuff we could know, but choose not to know.  2.  God knows we could not handle it, so doesn’t allow us to know.   Like Jordan says, we tend to inflate the issues according to our personal agendas.  It’s a daily choice to give the power over to God.  It’s not like He doesn’t have it in the first place.  I guess it comes down to the two most pivotal choices we have:  will we accept God’s reconciliation and who will we serve?  Both choices require us establishing the line between God and ourselves.  The line between does not create the gap between God and ourselves.  The line between enables us to say “it’s okay that I don’t know.  I know who does.” 

And trusting the One Who Knows All is the best choice I personally have ever made.

One thought on “The Line Between

  1. George Reich

    Powerful words of encouragement! I think I have a book you would enjoy from one of my professors. It is called “Embracing the Mysterious God” by James Emery White. You said it all so well, I think the book would just be echoing what you said, but you’re welcome to borrow it at some point if you want.

    He mentions that if we knew all there was to know about God, then he would not be God. Similar to what you have said, what kind of God do we pretend to serve if we think we can know all there is to know about him? Good thoughts! We’ll talk more later. Thanks for the intriguing words! You’re awesome!

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