In Need of a Chuckle?


images.jpgDid my last blog overwhelm you a bit?  Did it make you think too hard?  Sorry ’bout that.  I know I like to delve into the theology and psychology and socialogy and other ologies in my thoughts….

but today it’s all about giving thanks.   I gotta give thanks to the Creator for my family and friends.   Last night I was made aware of a plot to make me smile after I was to sing my song at church last Sunday.  Well, of course the sickness prevented that from happening.  Still produced a great big happy smile from my lips last night.  (Josh and Joe, you rock more than words.)

Also, my cousin Jessica has been on some kind of path to send my new ringtone into the galaxy with a nice dance to go with it.  Upon entering rooms it seems she and many other teens from my youth group who have attained the ringtone, makes the sound of “The Beauty in Silence” hit the air.  Then dancing proceeds. 

Definitely put a sunny spin on a pretty mucky week.  I really appreciate all of their support. 

If you would like to attain my ringtone, I will give you two choices:

a.  go to and check out the bottom of the media page for some instructions.

b.  if that’s too confusing or you’d like to skip all that  AND you know my cell phone number, text me and I’ll send you the tone.  (I’d prefer not to give my number out on my blog.  I know it’d be easier, but I gotta give myself some privacy.) 



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