The good and the bad


Got the compliment of my life tonight.  Well…at least for the year.  I practiced my song for Sunday with the “band” tonight and it went so so well.  Again, it was beyond words to have this thing that started in my heart come to life.  Anyhow, after practice Chris Pugh, the drummer, asks if we can play it together at our gig.  I’m like “yes!  I was hoping we could.”  He was all excited!  And so I’m getting in my car and Chris then yells out to me “that part at the bridge….it gets in my head and it stays there for days.  That’s good!  That means people will like it!” 

As excellent as all that is, I am so attacked today.  With all that is within me I believe God has a plan for me, but all of the sudden I will hear in my head “it’s pointless.  All this work is for nothing.  See how everyone has moved on?  See how you go unnoticed?”  I often wonder if everyone has those thoughts.  I wish these thoughts would leave me, though.  Oh well.  *Whew* I guess I just gotta remember the truth and keep working even though time and time again…..


One thought on “The good and the bad

  1. Hey – you know you are in our prayers! I echo Chris’s comments last night – “My All” is an awesome song, it’s one of those that just sticks in your head. I really look FWD to this Sunday when we get to share it with some folks.
    Don’t get discouraged, God has given you a real talent with your music. Just keep listening to Him, and He will take you where He wants you to be. I’ve learned the hard way that if you try to go your own way with it – it’s not gonna work; you’ll just end up with a headache (ask Taya about our fridge), frustration, and going nowhere. You’ve got more fans/supporters out there than you realize. Look up, and remember your #1 fan who’s more powerful than any record exec or booking agent – not even some big wig @ RCA has anywhere near the power as our God.


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