A Beautiful One


Today is so beautiful!  And God has given me some incredible peace today.  Could it be partly b/c I found a sweet laptop on sale that has all the specs I desired and got it before Circuit City ran out?  Could it be b/c I’m stoked about worship tonight even though our drummer cut the tip of his finger off?  Could it be b/c I medicated with sudafed? 

Idk.  Life is realistically stressful at the moment.  However, I’m choosing not to become overwhelmed.  Kinda.  I would venture to say that part of it was by choice, but the majority of it is totally God’s spirit filling me with bright peace.  I say bright cuz I think He is going to work some incredible miracles in the lives of those around me. 

My weekend was kind of a blur.  Lately my heart has been so full of concern for the teens that I mentor at church.  It’s a tough choice whether or not to step in somtimes and try to help them work out the rough stuff.  I wish I could impart wisdom on them, but it’s hard to do that to anyone when he/she doesn’t desire it.  I think I find that the most disappointing and hard to accept thing about life.  What I deem important is not what others necessarily deem so, but it does not take away from the need.  It still exists, whether or not people handle situations well or whether or not people care.  Guess that statement sounds kinda “duh”.  Oh well. 

I don’t have everything figured out.  Gosh, I wish I did most days.  Today is one of those days where I don’t feel the pressure to have it all under control.  Wow, it feels amazing!  I wish everyday could feel so free.  I don’t think it’s a perspective change….anyhow.  Sorry!  I just so completely in awe of why!  Guess I should stop trying to figure this out too and just be thankful for what God has provided.  LOL. 🙂  Yay, Creator!

This should be my last blog from this laptop.  I am pretty stoked to have something to work on that doesn’t move slower than molasses.  Or that doesn’t suddenly cut off or heat up to boiling.   Bennett is napping right now, and I have about an hour before he will probably wake up, so I am gonna quiet myself to prepare for tonight. 

God is good, amen?


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