Cozy in my Pocket



It’s supposed to ice tonight. What a fantastic thing to get off of work early and come straight home to “rushtee” (i don’t know how this is spelled.) Rushtee is this yummy swiss meal of fried potatoes. I love it when Grandma cooks this. It seems I rarely eat at home anymore b/c I am always on the go, but this week I have spent 3, yes THREE! nights home. Tonight I will be watching 2 of my favorite tv shows and emailing Tater some important stuff.

I continue to LOVE love love my new laptop. What a Godsend. I don’t have all my files on it yet, so I know that will probably fill it up. Yet, night and day compared to what I was working with. No more wiggling the cord every 5 minutes to prevent the thing from dying.

Our youth pastor gave a really great lesson last night. I was pretty impressed. I pray it was a well-taken challenge in everyone’s hearts.

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