Hectic Morning


Whew, I’m out of breath!  I’ve been on the phone literally all morning changing schedules and conversing about some prior difficult situations….but yay for getting pretty much everything taken care of!  Oh, God is good.  Stress is really high this week, but that constant peace has not left.

So I got a request this morning from a fan 🙂  for a way to subscribe to my blog.  You should see on the top right of this page a link where you can do that if you are interested.  I tested it myself and so far it seems to work well, so enjoy!

I received the cutest video of my nieces from my brother this morning.  You can view it on his and his wife‘s blogs.  My niece Madison has begun to crawl like a racer.  She is swift! I got to hang with them shortly on Friday night.

Okay, gotta keep this one quick.  I have more of this hectic day to move through….

Thanks, Creator, for moving me through it in peace.

One thought on “Hectic Morning

  1. Wow, it may be Monday and all, but check it: Not only was I able to subscribe to your blog, but I MADE your blog (albeit anonymously :D). Check it again: In. The. Same. Day. Monday who?

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