Lullabies and Lemonade



I’m one of those people that enjoys rainy days. Something about these wet, dismal days beckons me to sit and be calm. Mmm, and drink lemonade. I tried some lemonade today called “Simply Lemonade” and it was so yummy. I also had a really great moment with Bennett today. He has trouble going to sleep lately, so today I tried something different. I sat with him in the rocking chair and sang him a couple songs. His favorite is “Itsy Bitsy Spider”, and he wanted it over and over and over again. But then I started singing the lullaby I had written. He suddenly got very quiet and closed his eyes…before the song was over he was out. Made me happy. It fulfilled its purpose! 🙂

Tonight I will be heading straight to the church to practice my set as well as the songs with Anazao. I’m praying Chris’s finger is feeling better. He is Anazao/our worship team’s drummer, and what a gift he has! However, last week he accidentally sliced the end of his thumb off. OUCH! Hopefully it hasn’t been too hindering to his job and will not prevent him from being on task for this gig. Speaking of the gig, I found out two things I didn’t know today. One: Josh and Brittany can’t make it to my gig. I’m sad, but I understand. They have had a rough week. Two: Jordan and Tara are coming! Woot! So even though one brother and sister-in-law won’t make it, the others will. And they will be traveling a distance since they live in Charlotte.

Hmm, why is it that this lemonade has dried my throat out, yet often people say to drink hot tea with lemon before singing? That doesn’t work for me. It always dries me out. I recommend hot teas, though. My favorite is a hard to find licorice tea. My voice teacher from VA, Andrea Thornock, introduced me to that tea. It has been a voice saver on several occasions. As I type this I am watching Pan’s Labyrinth. I tend to like movies like this. Haven’t watched Lord of the Rings in a while….I should do that again. Enough of my musings. May the Lord refresh us with this rain.

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