Chef Fever



I used to cook ALL THE TIME. When I was a nanny for the Wichtermans, I pretty much made all of the meals. They introduced me to so many different foods b/c they loved international recipes. Whether Thai, Indian, Russian (YES, Russian) or French, I was making some interesting and delicious dinners. So when I moved to FL and became roomates with Steph (who didn’t like to cook at all), I got to do it again and it was fun.

Now that I live with my Grandparents, I never cook. NEVER. It’s so sad. I probably could, but btwn my really tight schedule and the fact that I’d be cooking for only one since I get home so late…yeah. I don’t do it.

So this week I have decided I will begin cooking at work. Since I’m a nanny again, I have access to a kitchen. Bennett is almost two, so he now likes to try a bunch of different foods. Well, pretty much anything you stick in your mouth he wants. So! I am on a cooking/baking spree. It’ll still be a little difficult to do the kind of cooking I would like, but at least I can try. Plus, maybe I’ll start eating early early dinners here at work so that I don’t have to drive through that Wendys or swallow that cheese stick to get by between work and rehearsals and such.

Yesterday I made an apple crisp. Today I’m making english muffin pizza. Sounds gross? Nope. It’s amazing. A trick I learned from the Wichtermans…add spices and olive oil and the right amount of cheese plus veggies/meat of choice and you have the best hot lunch.

Anyhow, this fever may pass, but I figure Bennett may benefit from it. Perhaps I’ll teach him to like Indian food. JK….that stuff is too hot for him to handle yet.


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