In a Minimalist Mood


I cannot stop thinking about what my future apt. will look like.  I’ve looked through all sorts of magazines and websites creating the rooms in my mind.  Kitchen and bedroom are done.  Bathroom and Living room almost.  Now Joe has given me the idea to redo some of my promo stuff.  So I’m trying out some new looks….it’s not finished, don’t worry.  I need to streamline a lot: my life has become a bit busy of late.

Okay, I’m gonna be at work all day today.  🙂  So you may hear more from me later tonight.


4 thoughts on “In a Minimalist Mood

  1. Don’t think the new blog look is very ANDiRA-like. It’s creepin’ me out! Go check my blog entries for today. There are 2 of them. Check out the suggestions I left for you in the latest entry. Later, gator.

  2. George Reich

    Yeah, I agree with Josh. Get it right or pay the price. I beginning to think you really don’t believe that you’re ANDIRA.

  3. andiramusic

    Good grief. I think the issue is ya’ll don’t know me at all. I am getting a new pic tomorrow. Everything will be different. I want to go back to white and black with a tad color. It fits the CD better. deal with it. 🙂

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