Bang, boom, it’s here.  Yay for today.  It started with a nice plow into my car by my grandfather.  Yep, you got it.  Grandpa backed into my car and broke my front fender.  How many times are my car’s fenders going to be hit????????  I have never gotten in an accident. BUT my car has been hit in the fender WHILE I AM NOT IN THE CAR like 8 times.  Maybe 9 now that I think of it.

Oh well.  Grandma was just happy she hadn’t done it b/c Grandpa has warned her often “don’t back into Andi’s car”.   Oops!

I’m in a much better attitude and mood today, praise Yahweh!  I have everything ready to go…now I just need to go get my car’s oil changed, have lunch with my cousin Jessica and her BF Jeff…and then off to the mountains for a photoshoot with Joe/concert madness.

May God bless and consume this music tonight.


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