Yesterday was so full!   From lunch at Bruegger’s while listening to this awesome dude play an electric guitar live to a vintage clothing store in downtown Winston to a major fun photo shoot with Joe to the gig at Livin’ Lattes Cafe in Pilot Mountain.  WHEEE!!!!!   What a great day it was.

Didn’t buy anything at Hello Betty the vintage store.  Joe did, however:  a really nifty mustard (dijon mustard according to Lauren) shirt.  We met up with a friend Nichole and she helped us take the new pics you’ll see on my sites.  He used a film camera, but we took ’em over to CVS.   Hmm, something must have been funny with the chemicals as you see there’s a funky blue-green tint. However, I fell in love with the look.  So, there ya go!   The pic above my grandparents and brother are not too keen on, however I love it.  It’s definitely the feel of my music.  Well, at least in me and Joe’s opinion.  Anyhow…

Things at Livin’ Lattes seemed to go really smoothly.  I really pray the message was clear and that the music was enjoyable.   My brother Jordan and his wife Tara made it up (and back), which was yay, b/c they evidently had car trouble on their way.  Also, my new friend Marty came on out too!   Anazao and I had some great support from our church…thanks guys!  Thanks to all of you who have prayed for and supported our ministries.  Wow.

A few of the teens and young adults and I headed over to Tater’s house for frozen smoothies and guitar hero afterwards.  It is such a blessing to have such love from them….I can’t get over it.  These people are a balm to my lonely heart.  *Sigh* some days I don’t know if I am to stay where I am or to move on….it’s getting more and more melancholy to remain, um, in this place.   I guess I won’t go into much more detail on here.  If you know me well enough, you know why I ache.  I trust that God has purpose for me, as I mentioned during my concert.

My favorite movie right now is Becoming Jane.  I feel a deep connection with this movie.  (I am watching it right now as I type.)  Some don’t like the ending of this movie, but I do.  The words just won’t come that could express…..

*sigh* At any rate, I do bid God’s direction in my life.   I pray for it over all of you who read this.  It’s not easy sometimes.  A lot of it is stepping out in faith and  in the wisdom God has provided through prayer and reading His Word.  29 years of my life and I am yet confounded.   Some steps just seem painful no matter how you go about it.  May relief come in one form or another….may the Holy Spirit comfort your hearts and mine in these moments of ache.


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