My Friend



I had planned on writing a blog about a friend today. Then I read Brody Harper’s blog requesting that we take time today to blog positively about someone to nip some of the net negativity in the bud. I want to share with you about my friend Des.

Des and I have been friends for some time…um, almost 9 years now? Maybe it’s 8. Anyhow, we met in college, sang in concert choir together and spent days in the practice rooms on opposite ends up of the hall together. I typically made Practice Room 1 mine and she took Practice Room 8. We ended up in an acting class together…which is the class that kinda spurned the friendship. We were both horrified of the class. Singing in front of people was easy…..speaking was a whole other ball game. I guess we became comrades in that war of a room.

One night when we were supposed to be working on a scene from Twelfth Night by Shakespeare, we ended up just talking all night. Sadly, it wasn’t one of those happy conversations…..we were both highly emo. (Emo wasn’t a term back then, but it definitely describes the state of our being.) However, ever since then she has been one of the most devoted and encouraging friends in my life. I can call her anytime, any time of day or night. No matter what is going on with her, she will put it aside to listen or discuss whatever is on my mind. She has always been a fervent prayer warrior on my behalf. When I was car-less, she went out of her way to provide transportation. When I was so weak and depressed that I couldn’t get out of bed, she would call and send cards and check on me regularly even though we were hours apart.

I have known many sides of Des….the beautiful, furious, disappointed, crushed, and comical. She is not perfect, but I can say without a doubt that this friend is the real deal. She is the real deal with everyone I have seen her communicate with and befriend….Desiree’ is a giver, always seeking a higher calling and the direction of her Creator.

Des has a disease, however. She has spent days and money and hope with numerous doctors….yet her body seems to progressively make daily living almost impossible. She is currently attending a university to attain her masters in vocal performance, and she has the lead in a very major opera. For those of you who have not experienced a music program, let alone have a lead in an opera, it’s a challenge no matter how healthy you are. For Des…..well, she is quite a trooper.

We spoke in length last night, and I heard the exhaustion and disappointed heart of a woman longing to do God’s will. She has a strong will and has trained her mind to push past the obstacles of her disease so that she can accomplish the tasks in her life. She said “God can do the impossible….and that’s what this looks like right now. My body is winning…it’s getting to the point where I have to choose, and my body is choosing for me.”

Please pray for Des’. She has a gorgeous gift: her voice and the spirit from which it comes. She is captivating on stage. In life, she is more than generous with her time and her encouragement. Please join in me to cover her with prayer so she may have victory over the obstacles of this disease. Her voice is one that should be heard.


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